AppleBerries Aquativity Water Park

AppleBerries Aquativity Water Park

posted : 26/Nov/2019

AppleBerries Early Education Service Burnside is unlike any other childcare centre. We offer a range of unique services and inclusive activities. In addition to our Yoga Classes, Swim School, Junior Sports Classes and Billy’s Buddies, we have our very own Splash WATER PARK in our backyard!

Imagine, it’s a super-hot day and your child is agitated and listless due to the extreme humidity in the air. Despite our best efforts as parents and educators, often the only choice to keep our children cool is by keeping them indoors. But that is not the case at AppleBerries Burnside

We are so lucky to be able to provide our children with an outdoor enrichment, even on the warmest of days because of our backyard Water Park. Not only does our Water Park provide a safe environment for kids to cool off, but it encourages water confidence and develops their awareness of safe water play and we spend time educating the children on what it means to be sun safe. 

Water play is a big hit at our centre, and we incorporate lots of sensory learning. The learning outcome benefits include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mathematics
  • Science experiments
  • Social interactions
  • Language development 
  • Water confidence 
  • And of course, keeps our children cool

All of the children in our care get the opportunity to experience and play in the water park. We provide a safe and supervised environment for all of the age groups from our water babies right through to our cool kindy kids. 

Here’s what some of our families have said about our Water Park;

“I like that the kids have a free-range aspect but maintaining a routine and structure similar to how I operate our home life. And the WATER PARK is pretty cool!”

“I love the integration of ‘nature play’ and the outdoor activities that take place. The water park is a wonderful privilege for the kids and my daughter has become more confident around water thanks to the safe water activities that take place, not to mention how well she sleeps after water park session.”

If you’re new to the AppleBerries Burnside family or you’re looking to enrol with us, be sure to pack your little one with a set of spare clothes and their sun safe attire. 

To learn more about the unique and interactive services we provide our children and families, get in touch or book a centre tour and come and see for yourself the difference we bring to childcare.

You can book a tour by phoning us directly or jumping onto our Facebook page and making an online appointment -


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